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Summer Fashion: Sun Protective Clothing

June 23, 2011

Fashion is normally fairly high up on a woman’s list of priorities, maybe not runway fashion but simply looking good.  Looking good means we are feeling good and that makes any one happy.  The problem today is that with all the harmful chemicals in all of our beauty products and protective products it can be hard to feel good while looking good.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has created a Skin Deep campaign to make everyone aware of the harmful chemicals in makeup, as well as to offer alternatives without the harmful chemicals.  The one way to truly avoid the chemicals is to simply not wear make-up, but that is harder said than done.  Did you know that the Chapstick brand’s chapstick in cherry with SPF 4 is rated 6 on the EWG scale, which means it is moderately hazardous.  This is a very common chapstick sold in most drugstores and yet it has a fair amount of chemicals.  The problem is that most alternative products with fewer chemicals is that they can be more expensive as well as being harder to find.

Sunscreen has become one of the more complicated products to understand as more rules and regulations come out.  Luckily, a great solution to sunscreen has surfaced and has become a rapidly growing business: sun protective clothing.  Many new brands have immerged to offer fashionable, comfortable clothing options with SPF in them!  This makes going in the sun easy and comfortable.  Some companies are also offering more of a sporty look to wear while at the beach, swimming, or exercising.

For moms with little one’s having nice clothing can be, well, not the easiest as dirty hands tend to find their way on to all nice clothes.  Now, there are great products for less that can be dirtied, thrown in the washing machine, and worn for daily activates.  Check out Sun Protection Zone’s rash guard and zip rash guard.  Both offer 100 SPF/ 50+UPF rating and are great for all out doors activities.  While swimming they offer both sun protection as well as a great material for your kids to hold on to.  It’s also great for gardening or playing in the yard because it dries fast, can get wet, and dirty and can be easily washed.  Sun protection zone offers clothing options for the whole family because everyone should be protected!

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