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Summer Activities to do With Your Kids!

June 26, 2011

It’s finally summer time, heaven for some, hectic for others.  It can be hard bring a parent during the summer because the little one’s don’t go to school and they are home all day!  Luckily there are many options as to how to entertain your children!  The obvious first idea is summer camp, but summer camp isn’t for every kid and some of you may live in an area where summer camp isn’t necessarily an option.  I have come across many sites with great summer entertainment ideas and thought I would compile some of them.

One of my personal favorite ideas was to make a “Summer Fun Bucket” featured on the Habits For A Happy Home Blog.   This allows everyone to participate and means that you can never run out of things to do at home.  Here’s what you do: first choose your favorite bucket or cup to put the ideas in.  Then rip or cut a few pieces of paper into small rectangles and hand them out to each person participating.  Have each person write down a few fun things that they would like to do this summer, they can be indoor or outdoors, during the day or night (of course help those who can’t write just yet!)  Now every time you can’t think of anything to do you can choose out of the bucket! If the bucket runs out do the activity again!

Another idea is to have summer camp at your house! Have a few available parents and some children come over for “summer camp.”  Each parent can plan an activity that they are good at and would like to help the children with and the other parents can assist.  This is a great way for you as a parent to socialize as your children have fun!

It is important to have your kids keep learning through out the summer so encourage a reading!  Depending on your child’s age you can simply take them to library and ask them to pick out a new book for each day of the week (for you to read to them, or for them to read to you).  If children are old enough to read on their own set aside some parent/child reading time together.  You could also start a reading list of books that each of you wants to read!

There is also always summer baking!  There are a ton of kid friendly recipes online for healthy snacks that are fun to make!  This can turn out to be a good part of the day’s activity.  First start by researching online what they might want to make.  Then go to the grocery store to pick up the necessary ingredients.  Bake the chosen recipe and then EAT IT!  It is great to choose a recipe that will be finished around the same time a meal or snack would be!

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