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July 4th: Fun with Precautions

July 2, 2011

July 4th can be booth an exciting and scary time.  It’s fun to celebrate with everyone and stay up late to watch the fireworks, but there are many dangers.  Depending on where you are there a few things to watch out for, and a few easy preventative measures to take.

July 4th is a time for BBQing, relaxing by the pool and for watching fireworks.  BBQing is fun but has many hazards.  It is hot, produces smoke, and can be crowded.  In order to prevent any incidences around the BBQ the person handling the grill needs to be aware of who is around it all times, meaning no children near it.  If there is a group of people just make sure to be aware.  If your child wants to help, one idea would be to have them help marinate the meat!

If you have a large pool and will be having smaller children around it I would make sure to have someone (a teenager or adult) watching the pool to make sure no one is going in the deep end that shouldn’t be.   If there is a kitty pool it still needs to be watched!

Fireworks are one of the most dangerous parts of 4th of July.  Last year there were a total of 8800 brought into the hospital with Fireworks related injuries.  If you are going to be setting off your own fireworks I would make sure that there is ample space in between the viewers and the fireworks, you never know if its going to do the wrong direction.  The person or people lighting it need to be very careful of their eyes, as this is the most sensitive area that is damaged.  While watching remember that the falling embers are still very hot and that the parts from the fireworks will also be coming down.  For the very little ones you may want to cover their ears because the fireworks can be very loud!

July 4th is a time for fun in the sun, the last thing to remember is that if you are going to be outside all day to cover up and reapply sunscreen.  When having fun it is hard to remember so wearing sun protective clothing can help prevent sunburns.  Remember to wear a hat and sunglasses!  Nobody wants to be sun burnt and uncomfortable while watching fireworks!


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