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Teaching Your Children to Swim Now Will Help Them Later

July 6, 2011

Most of us may not have easy access to pools or other bodies of water, but that doesn’t mean that your children won’t have access later in life.  Teaching your child to swim is both time-consuming and energy-consuming, but it will be very worth it in the end!

Most doctors don’t recommend putting your child in swimming lessons until the age of four because that is when they normally are more able to stay afloat and really learn the many strokes for swimming.  Before then, one can enroll in parent and child classes that play games and get the kids used to the water.  Remember to wear large amounts of sunscreen and/or sun protective clothing during the swim lessons.

The most important part of teaching your child to swim is getting them used to the water.  A pool can be a very scary place for a young child so make sure to hang on to them and don’t take them out of their comfort zone.  Be very careful about submerging your child underwater because at a young age they may not be able to hold their breath or keep their mouths closed.

It is extremely important to keep an eye on infants because they can drown in 1 -2 inches of water.  That means that even in a kitty pool an infant needs to be watched if not held up at all times.

Most children fear the water for one or more of the following reasons: it gets their eyes, ears, nose and or mouth and because they can’t breathe.  Knowing this can help to teach your child to swim by understanding what it is that they fear.  You can get your kids goggles and a swim cap if their eyes hurt or you can give them a snorkel to help them breathe.  There are many ways to help your child conquer their fears of the water.  At some point in your child’s life they will most likely want to swim, it will be easier to teach them at a younger age than when they’re older!

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