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“Green” Your Children!

July 11, 2011

In recent years there has been a large green movement to help keep our earth sustainable.  The goal is to stop polluting our earth in order to allow future generations to prosper and live their life in a similar fashion to ours today.  There are smaller movements, and some larger movements, and there are smaller actions individuals can take, and there are some larger ones.  What you choose to do is up to you.

It is important to teach your children the best ways to help the environment as well.  There are many simple tasks that can be taken to show your children how to be more sustainable.  One of the easiest tasks is to remember to turn all the lights off before you leave.  You can make a game out of it to see who can turn off as many lights first.  You can make a sign for the front door that says, “Did you turn all the lights off?”  There are many games and art projects to be made up for this activity.

Another easy task is to recycle.  Depending on where you live you may have a few types of recycling – one can, or a few cans.   Depending on space you will next x-amount of bags or bins to separate your recycling into.   If you use plastic bins you can paint the outside of them to show what recyclable belong in them.  If you do bags you can color coordinate your bags?  If you would like to reuse paper grocery store bags you can put a sign up above each bag with which recyclable go in it.  If you are feeling really adventurous one day you could make a trip to the recycling center to show you child how it all works, as well as to drop off your recycling and he or she can receive the money!

As for parents there are a ton of simple tasks that can be done conveniently.  If you drive a car, remember to get your smog checked and try to carpool.  Try to use reusable bags one grocery shopping (you can get canvas ones and paint them with the kids).  Clean Air is one of the largest movements currently because without clean air we are all affected and we will all be harmed.  There is a Moms Clean Air Force  (for moms and dads) group that is currently building steam to fight for clean air.

Please let me know of any other movements you are involved in or any other fun activities you did with your kids so that I may share them!

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