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Fun Water Activities

July 27, 2011

The heat wave isn’t quite over yet and it is getting rather hard to stay inside.  Here are some fun water activities to play with your kids to keep everyone cool.  Remember, if you are going to be out in the middle of the day, cover up with lots of sunscreen or sun protective clothing.  It will still be hot at 4pm, so if it is not necessary to play these outside games earlier try playing them after 4pm.

Game number one is called jump up.  If you have a few kids you can keep score!  What you do is take the hose and swing the water under their feet.  If the water hits you because you didn’t jump, you get a point.  The alternative is to have the child who got hit with the water to be the next sprayer.  Game number two is water limbo.  Use the spray of the hose to create a limbo stick and have everyone limbo under!

For the little ones, they can take a nice bath outside in a blow up pool.  It cools them down and lets them play in the water for a bit.  Maybe even grab some bubbles to have a really good time!

If you have a kid who loves to play house and have “babies” make them a water balloon baby!  Fill a balloon up and draw a face on it.  Wrap a paper towel around it like a blanket and see how long they hold on to it before it breaks!  You could even make a whole water balloon family!

If your kids like surprises and treasure hunts freeze a few of their tiny toys in an ice tray.  Give them an ice cube and have them melt it with their hands or just outside and see what emerges!  If you want to be reeeeally nice maybe even buy a new small toy!

Another fun game is sponge races!  Fill one bucket with water and put two empty buckets on either side (or how ever many are playing).  Take two sponges and tell them that they can only transfer the water using the sponges.  See who can get the most water into their bucket in five minutes.

Remember to encourage your kids to also drink water!   You can infuse it with some flavors if they don’t seem to like just water.  Also, remember to stay cool and try to stay out of the sun during the middle hours of the day!

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