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Although Summer is Over, You Still Need Sun Protection

August 26, 2011

School is about to start and for many of this means the end of summer, and the beginning of a cold darker winter.  It is true that the sun may not be as strong any more, and you won’t burn as easily, but it does not mean your skin is not being exposed to the sun.  This is especially important for children who still have “yard time” or any outside break during the school day or after school.

We send our kids off to school with a backpack, lunch and a sweater thinking that this is the essentials for their day, but what about a hat and sunscreen?  Most children’s lunches take place during the height of the day when the sun is the strongest.  This means that they are still getting a fair amount of sun exposure.

An essential to add to the morning routine is putting on sunscreen, as well as packing it in their backpack.  No matter what time of year it is, or how cloudy it may be the sun is still shining and thus skin damage is happening.  Although you cannot make your kids put sunscreen once you drop them off at school, you can talk to their teachers about reminding them to put it on.  You can also talk to your child about sun safety so they can better understand why sunscreen is so necessary.

For this children who really do not like sunscreen, or whom you feel may not put it on once out of your sight, one can look into sun protective clothing.  Sun protective clothing is clothing with SPF in it so if one forgets to put on sunscreen their skin is still protected.  There are a variety of styles and patterns that one can purchase so to assure that your child will wear the clothes!

Don’t forget the sun shines all year round and so you have to protect your skin all year round!

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