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Vision is Key to Learning

September 7, 2011

As school starts again our kids are back in the classroom looking at a board, reading a book and taking notes.  All of these activities use critical eye functions that are necessary for learning; in fact over 80% of our learning depends on our vision.  Making sure your children have the best vision possible is very important.

Taking your child to see an optometrist is highly recommended, whether they are having trouble in school or not.  Over 64% of teacher notice an improvement in children’s academic performance after having received vision care.   Many children playing sports will also notice an increase in their abilities.  All sports involve large amounts of hand-eye coordination, which is improved through vision care.

Children are not always as aware of the fact that they may not being seeing as properly as they should be, which is another reason it is very important to have their eyes checked.  Most commonly a child will complain about not being able to see the blackboard.  A parent can also look out for complaints about reading books, or looking at the computer screen.

Teenagers can a little bit trickier to deal with, as they become more embarrassed to wear their glasses, as well as to admit they are having problems.  Schedule a yearly visit to the eye doctor to make sure that their eyes are in tip-top condition.

Our eyes are where we take in the world, we have to make sure they are taking in everything around us.

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