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Sun is Deceiving During The Fall!

September 14, 2011

During the winter month’s our skin changes.  It tends to be drier, paler, and looses that summer glow.  This mainly is a result of harsher colder weather, as well as less direct sunlight.  Fall is one of the trickiest seasons to take care of your skin during.  It’s not as hot, there seems to be less sunlight and it starts to colder at night.  This is one of the most skin damaging times of the year because we tend to put down our guard from the sun.  This cannot happen.

During Fall the sun is still very strong and that is why after a long day out you may get a little sun burnt.  No, it is not as bad as during the summer, but sun damage is sun damage no matter the degree. It is especially important for children to cover up during their yard or lunchtime as this is mainly during the middle of the day.

Fall skin care tips.  First always carry and wear a hat!  A hat with a nice wide brim all around will protect both your face as well as your neck.  Second is to wear sunscreen.  Always put it on in the morning and if you can put a small one in your purse as well.  There are a lot of sunscreens that now come with a slight tint as to avoid the oily look of sunscreen.  Third remember to cover up!  Even if you are wearing sunscreen sun damage can still happen.  There are now many fashionable sun protective clothing items now that look great and have sunscreen in the material!

Fall is when the sun is most deceiving.  Carry a hat and sunscreen and remember to cover up!


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