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Halloween: Multi-use Costumes

September 21, 2011

Halloween is coming faster than some of us may have anticipated!  With the economy in the state that it is, buying a Halloween costumer to be worn once seems like an unnecessary expense.  Instead, why don’t you make a costume this year?  If your child has a dress up box that they love to choose outfits from why don’t you look into vamping one up?  Buy an extra ribbon, or some new glitter to add to a fairy costume, or wings, those will be worn more than expected.

For boys it can be a bit harder, they tend to want helmets and swords, but luckily this is all at home as well.  Turn a bike helmet into a racecar helmet by painting it or turn an old cardboard box into a shield and sword.  The clothes you already have can easily be used for a costume.  One can wear all black for a ninja or knight, anything with fire for a racecar driver, and anything with skulls for a pirate.

Sun Protection Zone has costumes for you this year!  Check out our boy’s short sleeve rash guards with skulls, flames, or army print.  For girls we have solid pink and purple short sleeve rash guards, great for a princess.  We also have flower prints, which are great for being a beach girl, or a Hawaiian dancing girl!  These are all great for costumes and all year round wear.  They have SPF 100 and a UPF rating of 50+, they are breathable and machine washable.  They are also great for wearing to school while it’s still warm out!  It can be hard to get your children to put sunscreen on during the school hours, instead put them in sun protective clothing!

Check out all of our great items, good for costumes and all year round wear today at

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