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Fall is Fun, but We Still Have to Cover Up!

October 12, 2011

Fall is slowly creeping up on us and it is a wonderful season!  It is a time for apple picking, and hayrides, corn mazes and Halloween!  Although it’s getting colder and we are bundling up, we still have to remember to use the right protection.  Many days in fall are grey and cloudy, but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t shining!  Wearing sunglasses, a hat with a brim, and sunscreen is still necessary!

Most winter hats do not have a brim and thus wearing sunscreen is very important.  Since the hat does not have a brim wearing sunglasses is also important because your eyes have no shade!  Most of us forget that the sun is still very much harmful all through out the year no matter the temperature.

Almost all fall activities are outside because it’s cooler finally, and winter is coming, a time when some of us won’t be able to get as much sunshine.  First I’d like to talk about protection, and then I have some suggestions for great activities!  As mentioned before a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses are necessary.  There are some very cool winter hats with brims that would be ideal, but as most people prefer beanies wearing sunscreen and sunglasses are very important.  Since the sun is not as harsh it is recommending that you at least apply sunscreen once in the morning, but if you are spending the whole day outside try to reapply it in the afternoon.  Most doctors recommend sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection, and if they are polarized it’s even better!

Some recommended fun fall activities are the ones I mentioned before – apple picking, hayrides, and corn mazes!  But, there are a ton of crafts and baking to be done as well! Fun alternatives to baking apple is shrinking them and decorating them!  If you are going on a walk make a nature basket and collect leaves, pinecones, and stones!  You can make thanksgiving cards out of everything you collect!  For baking there is apple pie, pumpkin pie, and homemade applesauce!

No matter time of year if you are outside it’s important to wear a hat (with a brim), sunscreen and sunglasses!

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