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Naturally Beautiful

April 16, 2012

For those of us with pale skin, there are often pressures to try to tan our skin and achieve that “beachy glow.” Don’t get me wrong, tan skin can be beautiful – but skin that is tan because it has been UV tanned will end up damaged, wrinkly and in danger of higher rates of skin cancer. 

For those of you who have fair skin, embrace it. I have showed you some celebrities who embrace their pale skin and now here are some of this amazing earth’s creatures who were created perfectly just as they are and are perfectly pale and untanned. 

I hope these inspire you to be exactly who you are – because that’s when you are the most beautiful. This world’s beauty is its diversity, so embrace your uniqueness and don’t feel pressured to achieve the cookie cutter standards of what others believe is “beautiful” – you are beautiful just as you are, right now reading this post. 


This is a snowy owl. This photo was captured by James Galletto, “This snowy owl was captured during a snowstorm. Unlike most owls, which are nocturnal, snowy owls are diurnal—they hunt and are active both day and night.” (Source: National Geographic)


This is a white lion. White lions are extremely rare and almost exclusively found in captivity. The white fur is a result of a gene mutation. They are mostly found in South Africa. 


This is a harp seal pup. Harp seals live in the Arctic Ocean and the most northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean. Interesting fact: harp seals don’t have ears! Find out more about the harp seal here. 


This is Snowflake the albino gorilla who was found in Equatorial Guinea and lived in the Barcelona Zoo and was the only known albino gorilla. He was beloved by everyone, no question as to why! Learn more about Snowflake from a synopsis of a PBS special about him. 


Ok, white bunnies aren’t particularly unique but they sure are adorable! 



Above is a baby polar bear cub and then a small group of polar bears. Polar bears usually don’t live in groups so it isn’t an everyday sit to see a group nuzzled together. Polar bears are classified as a Threatened Species under the Endangered Species Act. Some experts say that 2/3rds of the world’s polar bears could be gone by mid-century. To learn more about polar bears and how you can help save the species, visit Polar Bears International. 


How majestic and glamorous right? Reminds me of the 1920’s, the golden age of cinemas, and long satin white opera gloves. Perhaps those mental connections make no sense.. What does this peacock make you think of? 

For an explanation of the genetics behind white peacocks read this article from




Above is a selection of white penguins. Ok so the middle ones may be more “grey-ish” but they were so darn cute I couldn’t help throwing them in there! This last penguin is a chinstrap penguin with a rare gene mutation found in the South Shetland Islands. Read a full article about the little cutie from National Geographic here. 


This adorable little thing is called a Fenech. It is a type of fox that lives in the deserts of Northern Africa. These little things are smaller than the average housecat and have some of the largest ears proportionate to the size of their head of any animal! 


And this little sheepish cutie couldn’t be any happier just the way he is! Now it’s your turn to put that into practice! 

Tap into your inner strength. Be who you are, never doubt yourself and the fact that you have a talent in you that nobody else in this world has. 

Protect your skin, protect yourself and protect each other! 


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