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Anti Tanspo

May 10, 2012

In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve put together a selection of images designed to inspire you not to tan. I hope that you enjoy the creativity behind some of these brilliant campaigns and that they inspire you to take proper precautions to protect your skin!


I love the above ad for its bold truth and creative presentation. We all know that tanning booths are tantamount to cancer boxes but putting it this way visually makes a real impact. Learn more about the Skin Cancer Foundation and their cause at


I love this piece for its unique placement. The idea of printing this campaign on a beach towel – a beach towel shaped like a coffin none the less – is extremely clever and effective. It meets the target audience at exactly the right moment- when they’d usually be thinking about tanning. These towels meet them at the beach when they’re ready to tan with a message about the truth and consequences of tanning. 


This is a great piece simply because it gets you to notice it. The placement is effective since the beach is a prime tanning destination. 


The functionality of this ad is fantastic! Not only is the ad effective at spreading the skin cancer awareness message, it also is effective at stopping skin cancer with its built in sun block dispenser. Brilliant!!


This ad from the American Academy of Dermatology works because it gets you to stop and notice it. The contrast of the baby’s body and the old woman’s face make for an interesting but clear message. 


These toe tags placed on sunbathers in a park in Zurich are frightening, powerful and disturbing. They work. The minds behind this campaign really thought outside of the box to make an impact. 


This ad featuring Winona Ryder is a bit crude but funny and on point none the less. 


This extraordinarily powerful print piece is my favorite of the bunch because of its bold message and interactivity. Connecting the dots on this and slowly coming to the realization that the dots make a gun gives a feeling of building suspense.

There are also some real life examples of why tanning is not a good idea. Of course – skin cancer is the number one reason not to tan. Skin cancer is extremely dangerous and is a very real threat, read more about it here, but instead of going down that road I’ll show you a few humorous photos since the ads were quite serious in tone and appeal a bit to your vanity in hopes that it dissuades you from tanning!





Yikes! If you would like to see more tanning hall of shame, here’s some information about a criminal tanning case.

More important than the hall of shamers, here are some hall of famers and examples to show your kids of real world fair, healthy skin to be proud of. 

Protecting your skin doesn’t have to be hard. UV protective clothing from SPZ makes sun safety a snap. No worrying about re-application and no missing spots! It’s really important to protect your skin, so however you choose to do it – just make sure that you do. 

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