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Summer will end, but the damage to your skin will stay. Are you protected?

May 29, 2012

Ready or not- summer is almost here. Alongside the beach days and barbeques, the sun’s rays are unfortunately at their peak. This puts you at risk for radiation. During these months, the high skin exposure and ray strength increase the chance of skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. Beach, Pier, California, Santa Monica, Summer

Exposure to UVA and UVB rays is not always immediately visible, but it is always harmful. This type of radiation damages collagen fibers, destroys vitamin A in the skin and most notably leads to skin cancer.

There are a few simple ways to protect yourself from skin damage. Sunscreen and clothing are the easiest way to save your skin.

Clothing is most effective when following these guidelines:

-dark clothes tend to absorb more UV rays than lighter colors

– high fabric weave density blocks UV rays Girl, Sun Protection, Sun, Summer, Clothes

-the fabric of the clothing should be tense, not stretched or worn

-clothing should be dry, wet clothing allows more radiation through

However, even with these clothing precautions, there is still a great chance of UV exposure and radiation. In 1991, the Cancer Council Victoria of Australia discovered that not all clothing provides protection against UV radiation. Even though clothing can be effective, the average t-shirt earns only a UPF rating of 7 which is not nearly enough. (45-50+ rating is considered excellent protection).

Wearing any shirt to the beach will not guarantee protection for your skin. Clothing companies are now manufacturing clothes featuring UPF. UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is a rating system that provides a number as to how affective the article of clothing will be against UV radiation. To be considered “sun protective”, clothing must be made with specific materials and have a UPF rating.

Maureen Salamon posted an article through the Today Show discussing the effectiveness of UPF rated clothing. She states “Sun protective clothing protects better than sunscreen.”

                Sun protective clothing is a simple solution to what could be a complex problem. The breathable fabrics are easy to move in, lightweight and comfortable. The special materials are aimed to perfect the balance between comfort and protection.


Sun Protection Zone recently introduced a new product line of protective clothing. GreenBeanz is a line of clothing made from recycled coffee grounds. The clothes provide 50+ UPF rated protection as well as flexibility and comfort. The material is breathable and perfect for any and all outdoor activities. These clothes will protect your skin as well as the environment. Sun Protection Zone provides a variety of protective clothing.




Wearing sun protective clothing is the smart way to protect yourself while still having fun this summer. Take care of yourself and prevent the irreversible damage caused by UV radiation. Sun Protection Zone, family, summer, beach

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