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The Fourth of July is Here!

July 3, 2012

Time to barbecue, play on the beach and stay safe in the sun!


Here are some tips for a safe and healthy Fourth of July (and for the rest of the summer)

Drink water

            Lots of it! WebMD suggest drinking 8 eight oz glasses daily. It should be more on hot summer days and days when you are really active.

            Staying hydrated is important, especially in times of high heat and sun

Try to avoid direct sun during peak radiation hours of 10 AM- 3PM

            The sun is strong and causes the most damage during these hours.

Wear sun screen with a minimum SPF of 30

Be a role model

         Most sun damage is caused before the age of 18. Show children how to properly protect their skin.

Wear sunglasses

            Just like your skin, your eyes can be severely damaged by the powerful sun.

And of course, wear sun protective clothing!

             Sun Protection Zone provides a variety of sun protective clothing in order to protect everyone in the family from the sun.

Enjoy the holiday!



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