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Sun Protection Technology

August 27, 2012

Sun Protection: Now, There’s an App for That!

The weather, like many things in life, is a very fickle thing. SImageometimes you’re heading out for a nice day on the beach and encounter a sky full of rainclouds, and sometimes you’re sporting rain boots and an oh-so-flattering poncho when the sun decides to make a last minute appearance. Even when the weather is just as you’d expect it to be, you aren’t always prepared to deal with it. You might have lathered yourself with sunscreen before a day out, and the sun is shining with fervor just as you thought it would. However, you are distracted by your kids doing cannon balls into the pool or by the newest gossip about your ex-boyfriend, and suddenly hours have gone by and you haven’t reapplied. UV rays don’t care if you meant to reapply; the thought only counts in gift-giving (and even then, we’re not so sure!)

Solaveil, an international sun protection company, thinks it has created the solution to the wandering mind. Now, thanks to them, there’s an app for that! Their free Solaveil Suncare app allows you to enter your location and some personal information and it will diagnose your skin type send you notifications when you need to reapply! It takes the weather and the UV index into consideration before letting you know when and what strength sunscreen you need to apply to protect yourself. Now you have no excuse to keep your skin protected wherever you go!

Unless, of course, you are too distracted by your surroundings to check your phone. If you are someone who doesn’t let technology get in the way of your fun in the sun, sun protective clothing is the way to go. Take a look at our clothing options, which range from rash guards and beach wear to hoodies and every day styles! UV protective clothing is the effortless choice, getting your mind off of your skin and letting you simply enjoy your day.

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