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Go Green with SPZ

May 16, 2012

Now there’s a way to be both health and eco-conscious, with the help of just one garment! SPZ’s new GreenBeanz collection offers the same high quality comfort and skin protection available in all SPZ products, combined with a new patented technology that transforms recycled coffee grounds into its eco-friendly fabric. GreenBeanz clothing has 100 SPF (50+ UPF) and it is lightweight, quick-drying, water-repellent, anti-bacterial, and machine washable to make it extremely easy to care for.

Sustainability is important now more than ever due to the accumulation of millions of tons in waste that builds up year after year from excessive consumption. With skin cancer on the rise as the most common form of cancer in the United States, the support for the combination of ecological fabric production with caution taken towards one’s overall skin health should be a priority for everyone.

Reducing one’s carbon footprint has never been so easy! There is no need to compromise your health or the health of the environment.


Anti Tanspo

May 10, 2012

In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve put together a selection of images designed to inspire you not to tan. I hope that you enjoy the creativity behind some of these brilliant campaigns and that they inspire you to take proper precautions to protect your skin!


I love the above ad for its bold truth and creative presentation. We all know that tanning booths are tantamount to cancer boxes but putting it this way visually makes a real impact. Learn more about the Skin Cancer Foundation and their cause at


I love this piece for its unique placement. The idea of printing this campaign on a beach towel – a beach towel shaped like a coffin none the less – is extremely clever and effective. It meets the target audience at exactly the right moment- when they’d usually be thinking about tanning. These towels meet them at the beach when they’re ready to tan with a message about the truth and consequences of tanning. 


This is a great piece simply because it gets you to notice it. The placement is effective since the beach is a prime tanning destination. 


The functionality of this ad is fantastic! Not only is the ad effective at spreading the skin cancer awareness message, it also is effective at stopping skin cancer with its built in sun block dispenser. Brilliant!!


This ad from the American Academy of Dermatology works because it gets you to stop and notice it. The contrast of the baby’s body and the old woman’s face make for an interesting but clear message. 


These toe tags placed on sunbathers in a park in Zurich are frightening, powerful and disturbing. They work. The minds behind this campaign really thought outside of the box to make an impact. 


This ad featuring Winona Ryder is a bit crude but funny and on point none the less. 


This extraordinarily powerful print piece is my favorite of the bunch because of its bold message and interactivity. Connecting the dots on this and slowly coming to the realization that the dots make a gun gives a feeling of building suspense.

There are also some real life examples of why tanning is not a good idea. Of course – skin cancer is the number one reason not to tan. Skin cancer is extremely dangerous and is a very real threat, read more about it here, but instead of going down that road I’ll show you a few humorous photos since the ads were quite serious in tone and appeal a bit to your vanity in hopes that it dissuades you from tanning!





Yikes! If you would like to see more tanning hall of shame, here’s some information about a criminal tanning case.

More important than the hall of shamers, here are some hall of famers and examples to show your kids of real world fair, healthy skin to be proud of. 

Protecting your skin doesn’t have to be hard. UV protective clothing from SPZ makes sun safety a snap. No worrying about re-application and no missing spots! It’s really important to protect your skin, so however you choose to do it – just make sure that you do. 

Hall of Shame! 5-Year-Old Goes Tanning!

May 3, 2012
patricia krentcil

Patricia Krentcil Charged With 2nd Degree Child Endangerment

New Jersey mother, Patricia Krentil, is charged with second-degree child endangerment for allegedly putting her 5 year old daughter into a tanning booth! 

Patricia has a monthly membership and tans 5 times a week according to her tanning salon. That alone is enough to land her in the hall of shame whether or not she put her daughter in the tanning booth too!

The 5 year old girl came to school with a severe sun burn. When she was asked what happened she told the school nurse that her mom had taken her tanning. Her parents say that it’s a misunderstanding – the girl was sitting outside the tanning bed while the mom was tanning and that the sun burn was from playing outside too long on a hot day.

The tanning salon backs up the mother’s story claiming that they didn’t even see the child.

In New Jersey, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 14 to use UV tanning beds and the child’s report was enough evidence for Patricia to be arrested and charged with 2nd degree child endangerment, to which she has pled not guilty.

Patricia Krentcil and 5-Year-Old Her Daughter

Patricia says that she would never bring her daughter into a tanning booth because she knows how dangerous tanning booths are and she’s “not crazy” (those are her own words).

Not everyone agrees with her self diagnosed sanity. A dermatologist writing for the New York Daily News says that Patricia suffers from “Tanorexia,” which is an addiction to tanning, and may even have body dysmorphic disorder. He notes how unhealthy tanning is saying, “Tanning booths are considered a Class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization. This is the same category that plutonium is in!”

Whether Patricia did or didn’t put her daughter in the tanning booth, she is setting a dangerous example for her daughter.

It’s hard to judge others for what they do to make themselves feel good about the way they look. Honestly, most women do something at some point in their life that isn’t healthy to be “more beautiful.” But at some point vanity should give way to health, realism and concern for others, especially for your children. If vanity is more important than these things, then priorities need to be readjusted.

Tanning isn’t worth it. It’s just not. Did you know that a teen’s first time UV tanning increases their chance of skin cancer by 75%!

Learn more about skin cancer.  About how to properly protect your skin and the beauty of natural untanned skin. 

To learn more about Patricia see these stories from the Huffington Post:

May 1st 2012: Patricia Krentcil Arrested For Putting 5-Year-Old Daughter In New Jersey Tanning Booth

May 3rd 2012: Patricia Krentcil, New Jersey Mom Charged With Child Endangerment, May Be “Tanorexic”

You can also find pictures of her from interviews here. 

And a celeb tanorexia hall of shame here. 

UPDATE: Patricia Krentcil addressed cameras saying that her critics are “fat, jealous and ugly” and that this is a witch hunt. 

Where do you weigh in? Do you think she did it?
Do you think it even matters? Is the extreme tanning and the example it sets enough to put her in the hall of shame (although not in jail)?

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May 1, 2012

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Skin Cancer Awareness Ribon

Many people don’t realize what a serious threat skin cancer is. It is the most common form of cancer for women aged 25 to 30 and the second most common form of cancer for men and women ages 15 to 30.Skin cancer is one of the more common forms of cancer but also one that is largely preventable.

Here are some tips:

  • Wear sunscreen : Choose a broad spectrum UVA / UVB

NOTE: Some sunscreens have ingredients that may be irritating for your skin or could potentially be harmful to your skin, try the Environmental Worker’s Group website’s rating system that will tell you what ingredients your sunscreen has in it. It breaks down which sunscreens (and makeups, shampoos, etc.) will work the best and which won’t, and why! Great resource.

  • Reapply every one to two hours
  • Stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm
  • Examine your skin every month: Try this step-by-step self exam guide
  • Get professional exams annually or if you detect something suspicious.
  • Wear UV protective clothing

Another important thing to know is that indoor tanning is extremely dangerous. 

In a Teen Vogue article, Caitlin, talks about being diagnosed with skin cancer at age 24 due to indoor tanning. She chose to indoor tan even though she was well aware of the risks.

The article also cites a statistic from the World Health Organization that a teen’s first time in a tanning bed increases their risk of skin cancer by 75%. 

Luckily there are a number of organizations dedicated to spreading awareness about skin cancer and states are even stepping up to the plate to fight for our skin. California recently passed a law making tanning illegal for people under 18 years of age. Other states are considering similar legislation.

To get a full summary of your current state laws and what laws your state is considering please see this link to the National Conference of State Legislators website.

Of course the tanning industry is none too happy about this. The Indoor Tanning Association is fighting back touting the benefits of vitamin D. Yes, UV exposure is necessary for your body to produce vitamin D. But, you can also get vitamin D from a vitamin – and vitamins don’t give you skin cancer.

I thought that this extremely creative marketing campaign summed it up nicely:

Enough Said.

UV Protection: Are You Doing It?

April 26, 2012

According to a 2010 poll published by Reuters, only 20% of Americans put on sunscreen before going outdoors in the summer. A staggering 40% of Americans never apply sunscreen before going outside!

And only a measly 9% use sunscreen everyday. 


This is a huge problem! The cases of melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) are growing at a

faster rate than any other type of cancer. It is the leading cancer diagnosis for women 25 to 30 and thesecond leading cancer diagnosis for men and women aged 15 to 30.

The most effective methods of treatment known are preventative methods like wearing sunscreen and / or UV protective clothing daily.

So – why don’t more people use sunscreen or UV protection?

The poll also showed that people who earn more money are more likely to use sunscreen regularly. So maybe it’s the expense?

Well, sunscreen can be pricey but it is critical to find a way to protect your skin. According to an MSNBC article the top sunscreens are also among the cheapest! Their #1 pick was a target brand sunscreen that costs roughly 88 cents an ounce.

You can read a more detailed report about the sunscreen evaluation process from Consumer Reports here. 

A great benefit with UV protective clothing is that it is re-usable. Sunscreen needs to be applied liberally to the entire body and re-applied every 1 to 2 hours. UV protective clothing provides 50+ SPF protection as long as you are wearing it. You will still have to apply some sun screen to parts of your body not covered by UV protective clothing, but because it will be a lot less of your body it will be a lot less of a hassle.


SPZ SolarWrapz 50+ SPF hat

UV protective clothing is also a great option for kids who have a hard time sitting still to apply and reapply sunscreen.

Wide brimmed UV protective hats block roughly 50% of UV rays around your eyes and upper face according to the AOA. 

Sun Protection Zone makes a wide range of maximum UV protective clothing for all ages that is the highest quality but also affordable so that everyone can afford to protect their skin!

Some people think that wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is actually harmful for you.

In this online survey about sunscreen use, the top opinion chosen by the voters is that:

No I don’t wear sunscreen. “Vitamin D deficiency is a more serious health threat than sunscreen slathering advocates may realize.”

Well. Nobody is saying that a vitamin D deficiency is a good thing. A vitamin D deficiency causes a disease called rickets. Rickets occurs when there is insufficient vitamin D in your system and causes your bones to release their calcium and phosphate, weakening them or impeding growth.


Do a little research before you buy anything - especially a health product

Sounds awful! But fortunately, Vitamin D supplements (specifically D3 which is a better supplement form

for the body than D2) can be just as effective as sunlight. By using Vitamin D supplements, you can have a healthy level of Vitamin D and avoid the possibility of developing skin cancer from sun exposure. 

Some people fear the ingredients in sunscreen and think that they can cause harm to the body.

This is somewhat true actually! Vitamin A, which is used in many sunscreens for its anti-aging properties, has been shown to accelerate the growth rate of skin cancer! I recommend taking some time to read the labels of your sunscreens and making sure there is no vitamin A in there!

There are other ingredients in some sunscreens that some say may cause adverse side effects, so it is important to check your ingredient labels!


Super Brain Model Gisele believes sunscreen is "poison"

Gisele Bundchen doesn’t wear sunscreen at all claiming that it’s “poison.” Well, that’s why Gisele is a supermodel not a scientist. (I wonder if she thought she was supposed to eat it?) For the rest of us, it just takes some common sense and a tiny bit of elbow grease to be savvy consumers and pick healthy sunscreens.

One great resource is the Environmental Working Group’s rating of sunscreens that shows you which sunscreens are effective and are made from safe ingredients. I highly recommend this site, it’s so easy to use and will make you feel comfortable with your sunscreen selection.

Eco-Friendly UV Sunwear GreenBeanz

UV protective clothing has no adverse side effects. SPZ’s new GreenBeanz line is even environmentally friendly! It’s made through patented technology that transforms recycled coffee grounds into a naturally 50+ SPF protective fabric. It’s pretty amazing!

So, do you use UV protection? If you didn’t before I hope that you’ll consider it now, it’s so important and can be so easy! 

I’d love to hear your opinions. If anyone reading this still doesn’t like the idea of using sunscreen or UV protective clothing – why not?

If you don’t use UV protection, you will get burned.


Use UV Protection - EVERYTIME

Naturally Beautiful

April 16, 2012

For those of us with pale skin, there are often pressures to try to tan our skin and achieve that “beachy glow.” Don’t get me wrong, tan skin can be beautiful – but skin that is tan because it has been UV tanned will end up damaged, wrinkly and in danger of higher rates of skin cancer. 

For those of you who have fair skin, embrace it. I have showed you some celebrities who embrace their pale skin and now here are some of this amazing earth’s creatures who were created perfectly just as they are and are perfectly pale and untanned. 

I hope these inspire you to be exactly who you are – because that’s when you are the most beautiful. This world’s beauty is its diversity, so embrace your uniqueness and don’t feel pressured to achieve the cookie cutter standards of what others believe is “beautiful” – you are beautiful just as you are, right now reading this post. 


This is a snowy owl. This photo was captured by James Galletto, “This snowy owl was captured during a snowstorm. Unlike most owls, which are nocturnal, snowy owls are diurnal—they hunt and are active both day and night.” (Source: National Geographic)


This is a white lion. White lions are extremely rare and almost exclusively found in captivity. The white fur is a result of a gene mutation. They are mostly found in South Africa. 


This is a harp seal pup. Harp seals live in the Arctic Ocean and the most northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean. Interesting fact: harp seals don’t have ears! Find out more about the harp seal here. 


This is Snowflake the albino gorilla who was found in Equatorial Guinea and lived in the Barcelona Zoo and was the only known albino gorilla. He was beloved by everyone, no question as to why! Learn more about Snowflake from a synopsis of a PBS special about him. 


Ok, white bunnies aren’t particularly unique but they sure are adorable! 



Above is a baby polar bear cub and then a small group of polar bears. Polar bears usually don’t live in groups so it isn’t an everyday sit to see a group nuzzled together. Polar bears are classified as a Threatened Species under the Endangered Species Act. Some experts say that 2/3rds of the world’s polar bears could be gone by mid-century. To learn more about polar bears and how you can help save the species, visit Polar Bears International. 


How majestic and glamorous right? Reminds me of the 1920’s, the golden age of cinemas, and long satin white opera gloves. Perhaps those mental connections make no sense.. What does this peacock make you think of? 

For an explanation of the genetics behind white peacocks read this article from




Above is a selection of white penguins. Ok so the middle ones may be more “grey-ish” but they were so darn cute I couldn’t help throwing them in there! This last penguin is a chinstrap penguin with a rare gene mutation found in the South Shetland Islands. Read a full article about the little cutie from National Geographic here. 


This adorable little thing is called a Fenech. It is a type of fox that lives in the deserts of Northern Africa. These little things are smaller than the average housecat and have some of the largest ears proportionate to the size of their head of any animal! 


And this little sheepish cutie couldn’t be any happier just the way he is! Now it’s your turn to put that into practice! 

Tap into your inner strength. Be who you are, never doubt yourself and the fact that you have a talent in you that nobody else in this world has. 

Protect your skin, protect yourself and protect each other! 

Protected Skin Is Beautiful Skin (Stop the Carrot Look!!)

April 12, 2012

Charlize Theron's distracting fake bake

“Is something wrong? You look so pale!”

No, I’m fine but are you sure you’re ok? You look like a leather carrot.

Why is it that people seem to treat pale skin as if it’s some sort of a negative attribute? Protecting your skin is not only healthy but it’s beautiful.

Indoor tanning is a popular trend among young women despite it’s many risks. A study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer found that your chance of getting skin cancer increases by 75% if you use tanning beds before the age of 30.


Skin cancer is the #1 cancer diagnosis for women age 20 to 30

Skin cancer is the #2 cancer diagnosis for men and women age 15 to 30

Every hour someone in the US dies of melanoma

Simply put: tanning, indoor or outdoor, is dangerous. Especially dangerous for young children who are especially vulnerable to burns which can cause long term increased risk of skin cancer. 

Protecting your skin and maintaining a natural skin look is beautiful. Here are some beauty idols:


Queen Elizabeth used a combination of egg, eggshells, poppy seeds, white lead and alum to power her a milky white. The lead, which we now know is highly toxic, ate away at her skin but she didn’t stop using it. We don’t recommend tanning OR this method for beautifying your skin. 


(Left: Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth I. Right: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I)

To learn more about Queen Elizabeth you can go here. She is a historical role model for all women, one of  the most effective and powerful women of all time. 



Mae West

Mae West is a legendary Hollywood starlet who became an international sex symbol, leading lady, and outspoken personality on the 1950’s. She is drop dead gorgeous and went to great lengths to maintain her beautiful alabaster skin. She avoided the sunlight, never drank, and forbid anyone to smoke around her. According to her the secret to her skin was putting oil on her skin nightly, saying:

“It’s gotta be warm, and you’ve gotta have a man put it on – all over.”

She was spunky and outspoken in an era of wasp waisted housewives and restrictively traditional roles for women. Another one of her great quotes:

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

She has a number of fantastic and fun quotes that I enjoy reading and posting around my house to empower me when I’m feeling lackluster. You can read more of them here.  

If you want to know more about Mae, her life and her career check out her official website. 



Elizabeth Taylor was a legendary beauty and screen goddess. While she became a big fan of tanning in her later years, it was her fair skin and light eyes that initially made her beauty so magnetic and helped to launch her career. 



Zooey Deschanel is the “it” girl of the moment. She starred in movies such as 500 Days of Summer, Yes Man, and Elf and is now starring in a new hit sitcom, “New Girl.”




Rachel McAdams has become a household name and teen heartthrob staring in movies like The Notebook, Mean Girls and Wedding Crashers. She is an undeniable, timeless beauty, with perfectly pale skin. 




Dita Von Teese is not a household name in every household but she is certainly a stunner. The international burlesque star is known for doing her routine on stage in a champagne glass and only wearing Christian Louboutin shoes, which her good buddy Mr. Louboutin himself custom makes for her! Her light skin is one of her trademarks and contrasts beautifully with her dark hair. 


There are many other stars with beautiful fair skin, Kiera Knightley, Christina Hendricks, and Nicole Kidman to name a few. Check out some more stars who love their fair skin in this bellasugar article. 

The pale skin look is making a comeback, which is fantastic; hopefully those dark days of fake bake leather look is behind us. Tanning is dangerous and should be avoided. Enjoy your natural skin, whatever color it is, fair or dark! All skin colors are beautiful and should be preserved just the way they are.

While this article may be about beauty, the most important thing is health – I’m simply pointing out that no matter what skin color you are you should never go to unhealthy lengths to change it. This goes for any physical attribute, if you’re going to unhealthy lengths to attain an unnatural look, you won’t be happy and you won’t feel beautiful – inside or outside. Pale is no longer passe, it’s no longer a bad thing and so if that’s your natural color – rock it cause it’s totally in! 

Wear sunscreen and UV protective clothing every day, even if you’re not going to the beach and even in the winter. 

Sun Protection Zone makes many great options for UV protective sunwear which makes protecting your skin easy – no reapplying sunscreen, and no missing spots! However you choose to protect your skin just make sure you do! 

Sun Protection Zone is proud to sponsor charities like Miles Against Melanoma and the Childrens Miracle Network in their efforts to help us all be healthy! 

Be sun safe, every day is a sun day!